Sean Carter


Sean started going to the Kruger Park area at a very young age (5) with his birding/bush-mad grandparents. He was schooled in Johannesburg and spent most holidays in the bush somewhere. In 2001, Sean moved to Australia and finished high school and then went on to study a degree in Business Management and Marketing. After 8 years of only 1 or 2 bush trips a year, commuting from Australia.

Sean left his life in Australia to follow his heart and fulfil his childhood dream of being a “Game Ranger”, or a guide in today’s terms. Working in the bush has been an amazing experience and has afforded him many opportunities to travel within Africa and South America. Sean’s bush-walk-mad and would always rather be walking. He has worked in Zimbabwe, South Africa and now Botswana. Most recently Sean has travelled to Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar.